Breed description: Afghan Hound

Origin: Afghanistan
Group: Greyhounds
Height: Dogs: 68-74 cm; bitches: 63-69 cm
Weight25-30 kg
Colour: All colours are allowed.

Dealing with people

Dealing with other dogs

Dealing with other animals


Images of this ancient race have been found on rock walls in Afghanistan. It is said to have existed already in the time of Ancient Egypt. The Afghan Hound is a cross between indigenous mountain dogs and imported greyhounds. It has been around for centuries, this hunter of the mountains and plains. A true working and hunting dog, it is now used as a companion and fashion dog and is one of the most popular greyhounds.


The Afghan Hound gives a proud, proud impression and radiates calm and dignity indoors. This dog loves people and is attached to his family, but is suspicious of strangers. Its agility, speed and intelligence made it suitable as a hunting dog. Now, these qualities can be used in running, which has become a popular sport for greyhounds. The independent Afghan Hound must be trained with great patience. It is a dog that will not always obey immediately nor will it submit. He must feel treated as an equal and there must be mutual respect between pet and owner.


The Afghan Hound has a long silky coat. The hair generally tangles quickly and needs daily grooming. If this dog gets dirty from running and romping, it should be bathed. Finally, a visit to the groomer two to three times a year.

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