Breed description: Barzoi

Origin: Russia
Group: Greyhounds
Height: Dogs: 70-82 cm; bitches: 65-77 cm
Weight35-45 kg
ColourWhite, grey, golden yellow, red and mottled.

Dealing with children

Dealing with other dogs

Dealing with other animals


The Barzoi is a Russian Sighthound which was also called Russian Wolfhound because he was once a ferocious wolf hunter. He was very popular among the Tsars and the nobility for hunting on horseback. The word 'barzoi' in Russian means fast, swift or light and reflects the characteristics of this worthy dog.


Its proud and independent appearance has appealed to many people in the past. It is a best friend and companion in the house if he can spend his energy sufficiently. The Barzoi is a reserved, modest dog and barks only rarely. Yet he should not be provoked because then he shows his most courageous side. Also during the hunt he is very active. It is a very loyal dog, but not so easy to raise. He knows very well what he wants and forcing him will always have the opposite effect. It remains an impressive large dog and one must therefore be careful with children. This combination does not always work, although it is certainly possible. Socialisation at a young age remains important.


The Barzoi has a long wavy coat that should be brushed regularly. One must be careful when combing out the hair, as it is thin and breaks easily.

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