Breed description: Beagle

Origin: Great Britain
Group: Ongoing dogs
Height33 to 40 cm height at withers
Weight: 15 kg
Colour: All colours permitted for running dogs, black, white, reddish-brown,... and a white tail tip

Dealing with children

Dealing with other dogs

Dealing with other animals


The Beagle was a dog that was already very popular in the Elizabethan era. This breed was probably bred from crosses between the Harrier and old English running dogs. They have long served as hound dogs in hare hunting. In England, there is even a sport where a group of Beagles chase small game, followed by a group of hunters. This is called 'Beagling'.


The Beagle is a good-natured dog, loves his family and is very kind to children. At home, it is a sociable pet that gives its owner a lot of affection and immediately obeys its owner's orders. But it is and remains a hunting dog and its nose remains a priority. Once he has found a track, he will follow it blindly and reach his goal fairly quickly. This dog has a lot of energy, a good stamina and is also very courageous. All qualities that come in handy when hunting. This dog is very attentive, but not suitable as a watchdog. He is friendly to everyone and is not at all aggressive. The Beagle is rather easy to educate, but the owner must take into account that this dog has a clear hunting instinct and will first of all follow his nose.


This short-haired dog needs only a weekly brushing. This is normally sufficient, but if the dog lives in the city, its white coat may turn grey. You can give it a bath, but it should be limited to once every two months. Other grooming includes clipping its nails and cleaning its ears.

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