Breed description: Chihuahua

Origin: Mexico
Group: Pet dogs
Height15-20 cm
Weight1 to 2 kg
Colour: Almost all colours and shades are possible.

Dealing with children

Dealing with other dogs

Dealing with other animals


The Chihuahua owes its name to a Mexican province. It is the oldest known American dog breed. It is believed that this breed was considered a sacred dog in Inca times. Its name is said to mean "little dog of the sky" and to protect against demons. Towards the end of the last century, tourists brought the little dogs home, and they ended up in Europe.

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world.


The Chihuahua is a smart and lively dog. It is enterprising and has a fairly large hunting instinct. He will chase and catch the mice in the neighbourhood if he can.

Despite its small stature, it is a courageous animal and is not afraid of large dogs.

However, this breed is less suitable for small children, because small dogs are in danger of being plagued and taunted by them.

Alert as they are, they will immediately alert the master at the slightest suspicious sound. Other than that, they are not really barkers, but they will show their displeasure by quietly grunting and grunting.


There is a short-haired and a long-haired version of this breed. The short-haired variety can best be maintained with a wet cloth and the long-haired dog can best be washed on a monthly basis. Please note that both types shed hair and the eyes need extra care.

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