Breed description: Chinese Crested

Origin: China
Group: Pet dogs
Height25-30 cm
Weight: Males: 4-5 kg; females: 3-4 kg
ColourTheir skin colour can be pink to grey or black, copper red or mahogany, mottled or unicoloured. Actually, all colour combinations are allowed.

Dealing with children

Dealing with other dogs

Dealing with other animals


Very little is known about the place where the Chinese Crested comes from. In the course of time, it has been found in various places. Africa, Japan, South America...

One thing is certain: this breed has been around for many centuries. In 1888, the Chinese Crested appeared for the first time at an exhibition in Munich.


These slender lady dogs are lively creatures and always cheerful. They love their family where they can cuddle with the family members.

They like nothing better than to lie lazily in the sun to warm themselves. However, they are not afraid of snow, but need a jacket and extra energy (based on food).

They get along well with children, but as with any breed, they should not be seen as toys.

As they are quite clever, they quickly learn the basics about obedience. Teach them to come into contact with everything and everyone as soon as possible, otherwise they may be a little reserved in adulthood.


This dog only has hair on its head, ears, at the end of its tail and on its legs. Its skin is naked and needs to be looked after well. It can be bathed regularly but afterwards it needs to be rubbed with a body lotion so that its skin does not become too dry.

Also, watch out for sunburns and grease them with sunscreen if necessary. There is also another variety of this dog breed that can be born in the same litter, the so-called Powderpuff. This variety is completely hairy. It can be bathed more often and needs to be brushed occasionally.

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