The Australian Silky Terrier

Austalian Silky Terrier

The Australian silky terrier is a dog with a beautiful coat. Perhaps this dog has the most beautiful coat of all the dogs. The animal is elegant and certainly does well at an exhibition. However, it is a real terrier. Therefore, the dog has a feisty character and is also physically strong.

The Australian silky terrier terrier was bred by immigrants who came to live in Australia. The animal is a mixture of many different types of terriers. The dog walked around the yard, but was not necessarily kept as a family dog. Its job was to kill snakes. Something that requires a fierce character. In Australia, immigrants often lived in remote areas. This ensured that the Australian silky terrier encountered few other people than his owner (s). Because of this, the dog built a very strong bond with the family. So the animal is really a family dog.

The Silky Terrier is a loyal dog and loves its owner and other family members. However, they have quite a lot of energy, so you have to give this animal the space to do his thing. The dog also loves to go out for a fun activity with its owner. The dog gets along well with children. Like other terriers, the dog is very fond of what is his. When the dog is playing with small children, it is good if an adult is present to keep an eye on it. The dog can become annoying when he has the idea that something is taken away from him.

The Australian silky terrier is best raised in a group with other puppies. Here, the animal can learn to get along with other dogs. In addition, the dogs are reasonably intelligent. However, their lively character means that they are not good at rehearsing. They are therefore quite easily distracted.

Characteristics Austalian Silky Terrier

Specifications Austalian Silky Terrier

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