The Beagle


The Beagle is one of the smaller dogs originally used for hunting. It is a reasonably strong dog, with a good character. In addition, the dog looks good with its beautiful coat and sweet head.

There is much disagreement about the origin of the Beagle. Even experts cannot agree on the origin of the name. Some say that the name Beagle refers to a Celtic word meaning little one. Others say that the name Beagle has a French origin. The Beagle was originally a hunting dog for the, shall we say irreverently, poor hunter. It was in fact a foot dog. This meant that you did not need to have a horse to hunt with this dog. The Beagle is not as fast as other hunting dogs and can be kept on foot.

The Beagle has a good nature. It is very intelligent. With its intelligent character, the dog has a fairly strong will of its own. Some people therefore call the animal stupid. The opposite is true. The animal sometimes does not listen, because he has drawn his own plan. The dog is good with other people and dogs. He likes people around him and is also friendly towards strangers. He is alert, but not vigilant. It will notice a stranger, but can easily be "taken in" by that stranger.

This breed of dog is fairly easy to raise, but they have a strong will of their own. A positive upbringing with many rewards for good behaviour is most effective. The animal must learn at a young age to listen to its owner. It is also good to socialise the animal at a young age.

Characteristics Beagle

Beagle specifications

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