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The Bolonka is a dog of Russian origin. It is quite rare for a Russian dog to be bred as a companion animal. However, the Bolonka is one of the few exceptions. The Bolonka is a small dog with an easy character. It is friendly and can easily adapt to new circumstances. A characteristic feature of this breed is that it is hypoallergenic.

The history of the Bolonka begins in France. King Louis IV gave a small Maltese dog as a gift to a Russian nobleman in the 18th century. Small dogs were not very popular in Russia. The climate was not right and there was simply no need for dogs that did not work for a living. In the later Soviet period, dog breeding was a state affair. To use an understatement, breeding pet dogs was not a priority then. Later on, the breeding of pet dogs was allowed, but the import of dogs was not. Therefore, the dog was bred from already existing breeds.

The Bolonka is a real companion dog. The animal adapts easily and is good with other dogs. In addition, this dog is good with children. The animal is very loyal to its owner(s), but can occasionally have some naughty traits. The animal is often described as a lap dog. This is partly justified. It is indeed a real family dog and very attached to its owner, but it is not correct to say that the dog has no character at all. The Bolonka can be quite feisty. The dog is quite patient and can entertain itself quite well. However, the dog does enjoy being played with regularly.

The Bolonka can show some naughty, typical behaviour now and then. This behaviour is natural and does not necessarily need to be suppressed. However, it is important that the dog learns to know his limits. Naughty behaviour should not lead to structural unmanageable behaviour. It is important to raise the puppy well, especially socialisation of the puppy is important. The dog is not aggressive towards strangers, but can have a tendency to bark quickly. By regularly bringing the young pup into contact with other dogs and people, this can be (partly) unlearned.

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