The fox terrier


Sweet, fast and extremely intelligent. That is the best way to describe the Foxterrier. The animal has a typical head, which can look rather endearing. Despite its small size, the Foxterrier is no softy. He certainly stands his ground. The Foxterrier is bursting with energy, has a cheerful mood and is always ready to go on an adventure with his owner.

It is not entirely clear how the Foxterrier originated. There are stories that the animal was already present in England around the 14th century, but that is unlikely. It is more likely that the animal was bred in the 18th century, when fox hunting became popular. The animal is probably a cross between the Old English Terrier, the Greyhound and the Tan Terrier. It was important that the dog was not only fast but also brave. He had to primarily locate foxes. In addition, it was sometimes used to hunt badgers. In those days, badgers were considered vermin.

The Foxterrier is a nice family dog. He likes to be around the family he grew up in. Of course, he enjoys lying on the lap of the family members, but he likes doing pleasant activities with them at least as much. A long walk? A little romp? The Foxterrier will not say no to that easily.

The dog has retained its former hunting instinct to a reasonable degree. When it is on the loose, it will sometimes hunt small animals. Vermin is no prey to this animal, it will try to catch them all. This also applies to strange cats. A cat he has grown up with, however, he will leave alone. It is also good to realise that the Foxterrier is extremely curious. He likes to discover the outside world. When the dog is loose in the garden, you should therefore keep a close eye on him.

It is not difficult to raise the Foxterrier. However, it is important to bring the animal as a puppy sufficiently in contact with other dogs. They can be rather fierce against other dogs. The dog is also quite brave, he would therefore dare to provoke larger dogs. Given its small size, this is not always wise. Furthermore, it is wise to teach the pup when it can and cannot bark. The animal has a natural tendency to bark at the slightest thing. By training the pup well, you can suppress this natural tendency.

Characteristics Foxterrier

Specifications Foxterrier

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