The French bulldog

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, with its typical bat-like ears, has something irresistible about it. At least, that is what many people think, because it is one of the most popular small dogs that there are. The animals are lively and have a cheerful character. The dog is alert, but does not bark very much. Therefore, this dog is also very popular with people who live in the city.

Ironically, the origins of the French Bulldog lie in England. The animal was very popular among people working in the textile industry. However, the textile industry collapsed in England in the course of the 19th century. Many people therefore emigrated to France and took their small Bulldog with them. The dogs were quite popular there and were crossed with some other breeds, probably some terriers and pugs. That is how they got their typical ears. Eventually, the dog also became very popular among rich Parisian ladies. The breed thus became even more popular all over Europe. Except in England. The English were angry that the French had taken "their" Bulldog.

The French Bulldog has a calm nature. The animal is muscular, but will rarely become aggressive. They are much too quiet and calm for that. The French Bulldog likes to be with its owner or with other family members. They like to play with their caretakers, but they also like to crawl on the couch with them. The calm character of the dog also makes it easy with small children and gets along fine with other dogs.

Therefore, in principle, a lot of exercise is not necessary. Mind you, a lot of movement is in principle not necessary. The French Bulldog loves to eat and gains weight easily. Being overweight is not good for the French Bulldog, as it is for every dog. When he starts gaining weight, he will also have to exercise more!

Although the French Bulldog is a calm dog, it may take some time to bring it up properly. It is important to socialise the animal early so that it grows up to be a sociable adult dog.

Characteristics French Bulldog

Specifications French Bulldog

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