The Glen Terrier

Glen Terrier

The Glen terrier is a small dog with a very lively character. The dog has a double coat and is rough-haired. The animal is a real family dog and its endearing appearance can make it look like a lap dog. But make no mistake! The dog was originally bred as a hunting dog and that character is still present in the animal. It needs space to expend its energy.

This dog comes from an inhospitable landscape. The dog grew up in County Wicklow (Ireland), a mountainous landscape. It was the dog of farmers who had to work hard to survive. Their dogs were also expected to work for a living. The dog was used as a badger hunter, but soon got the nickname "Turnspit Dog". They were also used to turn the spit on which a pig was roasted.

The Glen terrier really has the character you would expect from a terrier. Despite its modest size, the dog has more than enough spirit in his body. They are alert dogs that are not easily scared. The Glen terrier has a loving nature and likes to be with its owner. However, they are very fond of their territory and can sometimes get into trouble with strange dogs. In addition, this dog is not particularly good with young children. They do not like it when, for example, toys are taken away from them.

This breed needs a consistent upbringing. In the first place, they need to be well socialised, so that they learn to deal with strangers and with other dogs. In addition, they must learn to accept the authority of their owner. The dog can be quite dominant and stubborn. If the owner is not able to make clear to the dog where his limits lie, the end is lost.

Characteristics Glen Terrier

Glen Terrier Specifications

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