The Havanese


One of the cutest dogs from South America is the Havanese. The animal originates from Cuba and came to Europe in the 18th century. The animal has a beautiful coat. However, that advantage also has a disadvantage: he needs to be brushed (almost) daily. The animal has an unbridled energy and is always in for a diversion. As soon as they notice that someone is paying attention to them, nothing is too much trouble.

The Havanese comes from the Bichon family. The animal is most likely descended from the Bichon Frisé and the Maltese. The dog has never really had a task. It has always been a companion animal for the rich. These dogs probably arrived on the island via European merchant ships. However, the Cubans have refined the breed further. The Cuban revolution jeopardised the dog's existence. However, the breed has been preserved in America.

Havanese, however, are companion dogs. They like to be with their owner(s) and do not mind being pampered at all. The animal has a cheerful, cheerful character. However, it is not a dog for people who are often away, because the dog hates to be home alone. In addition, Havanese have a particularly great capacity for empathy. They take over the mood of their owner. The dogs are quite intelligent and like to learn. In the past, Havanese were also used in the circus. This was not only because they look so adorable, but also because they learn tricks so quickly!

Bringing up the Havanese is not difficult. However, it is important that you raise the animal in a positive way. The dogs are very sensitive. When you fall out with them, they notice it immediately. That is why you should take the time to educate them. It is also good to introduce the pup to new places, people and dogs at a young age.

Characteristics Havanese

Havanese specifications

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