The italian greyhound

Italian Sighthound

The Italian greyhound is a fast and muscular dog. The animal can reach a speed of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The dog is quite skinny by nature, if you look closely you can see the ribs of the animal. Like the other greyhounds, it is known for its elegant gait. The animal is good to keep as a family dog. He is good with small children, but he has a very reserved attitude towards strangers.

The Italian greyhound has been around for about 2000 years. There are archaeological excavations from that time which prove the existence of the dog in that period. The dogs were kept as company dogs by the Romans. They may also have hunted some small game. However, the Italian greyhound's real heyday began during the Renaissance. It was a real status symbol to own this dog. It is therefore not surprising that the dog is depicted in many paintings from that period.

The Italian greyhound is small, but it doesn't seem to mind. It has a courageous character and loves adventure. Therefore, it sometimes needs to be protected from itself. It is a small dog, even if it does not realise it. Children playing roughly with him can endanger his health. The same goes for his play with other dogs.

Although the Italian greyhound has a good character, it can be quite difficult to raise. He can also be quite stubborn. The owner will have to show clearly that he is the boss. A hard approach, however, will not work. Many rewards and compliments work best with this intelligent, but proud dog.

The Italian greyhound can be found in paintings by Bosch, David, Giotto and Carpaccio.

Characteristics Italian Sighthound

Specifications Italian Sighthound

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