The Lion Dog

Lion dog

The Lion Dog is a fun, lively and friendly companion dog. The animal has been bred for a special task: to keep the feet of its owner warm. Of course, this dog also has a beautiful appearance. The animal has been bred to look like a small lion. This is where its name comes from.

The dog's long history makes it difficult to determine who the exact ancestors of this breed are. It is said that the dog originated in Germany, but this is disputed. In fact, the dog was especially popular in southern Europe. It is suspected that the Maltese and the Bichon Frisé are the ancestors of this cute dog. What we do know for sure is that the Lion Dog has looked more or less the same for 500 years. We know this because the dog is depicted on various works of art.

The Lion Dog is a bit stubborn. This is partly because the animal is so intelligent. It likes to think for itself and choose its own path. They also like to be with their owner(s). They are very loyal. Of course, the Lion Dog is in for a diversion, with a long walk or a game of frolic you will certainly make them happy. The dog has a friendly character and can easily cope with young children. They can be a bit fierce towards other dogs. They will bark a lot, but are not aggressive.

Because the dog can start barking at other dogs, it is good to bring the Lion Dog in contact with other dogs as early as possible as a puppy. In this way you can unlearn the barking a bit. The Lion Dog itself will not become aggressive, but you don't know if other dogs appreciate the barking of this little four-legged friend. They can then become aggressive. The dog likes to listen to its master, so the training of the pup generally goes smoothly. That is good, because there is something else you have to teach the dog: not to bark constantly. The Lion Dog is in fact quite alert and has the tendency to bark at the slightest thing.

Characteristics Lion Dog

Specifications Lion dog

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