The Swedish Valehound

Swedish Falconhound

The Swedish vallhund is a beautiful dog with an easy-going character. Over 1200 years ago, this dog served on Viking ships, but nowadays it is a pleasant companion dog. The dog is smart, very social, has a lot of energy and is very loyal to its owner. The dogs are known for their cheerful mood and their typical way of barking.

The Swedish vallhund was originally used by the Vikings. The dog was welcome on the ships that the Vikings used for their raiding and plundering expeditions. The animal is quite good at catching rats and other vermin. In addition, the dog was also used to herd and drive cattle when necessary. If a cow did not want to move on, the dog would bite it in the calves to encourage it to move on.

The dog's small size does not diminish its bravery. He will protect his family through thick and thin. In addition, the Swedish Falconhound is quite confident and intelligent. The Swedish Falconhound is a real family dog. He will treat small children with kindness and he will be tolerant of other pets. With strangers, this dog has more trouble. The dog will be quite reserved towards strangers. The love and loyalty he has towards his family, he will not share with strangers.

Bringing up the Swedish Falconhound is not particularly complicated. It is quite in the instinct of this dog to do what his master wants of him. The dog does expect you to show some respect for his affection and devotion. A disrespectful, harsh upbringing does the dog no good. The animals enjoy the appreciation of their master, so let them clearly know when they have done something right. This is because the dog will go to great lengths to fulfil your wishes.

Characteristics Swedish Falconhund

Specifications Swedish Falconhund

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