The Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

With its beautiful, shiny coat, the Yorkshire Terrier has won many hearts. Although the dog now mainly has the image of a show dog, the animal has worked hard in the past. The animal served in the mines and hunted vermin. Underneath the beautiful coat of this dog hides a dog with a tough character.

Originally, the Yorkshire Terrier was a dog for the poor. It is said that the Yorkshire Terrier descended from the Skye Terrier. Some Skye Terriers did not have a shaggy coat, but a soft coat. The fanciers of the original Skye did not like that. However, there were groups who preferred the dog with the soft coat. This group created the Yorkshire Terrier.

In any case, the dog was popular among workers, especially weavers. The dog hunted rats in the textile factories. Due to the emigration of weavers to England in the middle of the 19th century, the animal would have been introduced in England and particularly in Yorkshire. It would soon become not only the working man's dog, but also the companion dog of the upper class.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a popular dog, especially with people who live in the city. The dog is cheerful, playful and very lively. In addition, the animal is quite curious and likes to learn something new. The dog is, like the other terriers, quite independent. Combine this independence with its great intelligence and it will not surprise anyone that the dog can be a bit stubborn sometimes.

The animal is a nice family dog. The Yorkshire Terrier loves to be found on the lap of its owner. However, the dog also has no objection to going out with its owner to discover the wide world. The Yorkshire Terrier can sometimes be a little shy. The Yorkshire Terrier can be kept in the city, but the owner should regularly take him for a walk.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, but a real terrier. They are not easily scared and can be a bit overconfident. It is therefore good to socialise the dog well. If you do not, they can start barking at other dogs and sometimes even become aggressive. This is not wise, because larger dogs can react badly to this. It is also important to set clear boundaries for the animal. The Yorkshire Terrier looks cute and can therefore get away with many mischievous pranks. That is fine up to a point, but the dog must learn who his boss is and when he really must listen!

Characteristics Yorkshire Terrier

Specifications Yorkshire Terrier

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