Get a dog or a bitch?

It will not surprise anyone that there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Male dogs are generally (with the exception of certain breeds) more stable than bitches, but at the same time they are also more often intolerant of other males. Bitches, on the other hand, can also fight, even to the point of death, whereas with males it is usually over in one go. A dog or a bitch, what is the wisdom?

Bitches are usually in heat twice a year (with the exception of some breeds). They can suffer quite a bit from this, but they don't have to. There are bitches who suffer enormously from the fluctuating hormone levels and who have to have the Miscarriagewhich can occur after the heat, is very intense.

There are dogs who can be quite assertive towards other dogs and there are also big wimps. Males have the tendency to mark frequently and no tree will be missed and, with a bitch in heat, they are almost unstoppable.

Add dog

When there is already a dog in the house, it is often recommended to add a copy of the opposite sex. It is certainly a fact that dogs and bitches usually get along well. Nature intended it that way because it is convenient for reproduction. However, No guarantees can ever be given.

In some breeds the differences in sex are enormous (RottweilerAirdale terrier) and with others a lot less (Labrador). There is actually no simple advice to give. It is more a feeling: you are a 'dog person' or a 'bitch person'.

It is difficult to give advice on this. The more people you ask for their opinion, the more difficult it becomes for you. Moreover, there are quite a few prejudices that are not based on anything. Remember that you have a dog for yourself. It remains a personal choice, a dog or a bitch.

Choose with feeling and wisdom!

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