What is the Neutral Posture of a dog?

Neutral means that the whole body is in a relaxed state. Opinions differ as to what exactly is neutral.

It is often said that the neutral attitude of a dog depends on the breed. Dogs Those that naturally carry their tails low (greyhounds) or high (terriers) have a different neutral posture. Therefore, there would be no general definition of what is neutral.

This is incorrect. A neutral posture means a posture in which the dog does not communicate. This means that ears hang straight down (hanging ears) or are pointed to the side (tip ears or standing ears). The tail hangs relaxed along the body.

Dogs communicate with each other by the position of their ears and tail. Dogs have no idea what breeds are, let alone that they know about a breed standard.

When a Jack Russell approaches another dog, it usually does so with a high posture. The fact that we have bred this tail posture does not alter this. The Jack Russell thus communicates to another dog that he is quite confident. It is not for nothing that these dogs often have problems with other dogs.

When the tail always points straight up (compare this with our raised middle finger) and sometimes even accentuated with a different colour (think of the white-tail of the Beagle) then the message is clear. But every owner of a Jack Russell or Beagle will agree that the tail can really be lowered.

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