Breed description: Dalmatian

Origin: Yugoslavia
Group: Ongoing dogs
Height: Males: 52-60 cm; females: 50-55 cm
Weight: 20-25 kg
Color: White with black or liver-colored markings that do not blend in (puppies are born white)

Dealing with children

Dealing with other dogs

Dealing with other animals


On the origins of the Dalmatian there is still much ambiguity. It is certainly an ancient breed and images of it have been found on ancient works of art from Europe and Asia.

Some claim that the first documentation would have been found in Dalmatia ( in the former Yugoslavia) and that from there perhaps its name comes. From 1800 onwards, these dogs performed various tasks.

They traveled with the gypsies as companion dogs and guard dogs, were used as circus dogs, and accompanied carriages to protect them from robbers. Later, however, the popularity of these dogs declined sharply.


The Dalmatian is a loyal and sensitive dog who likes to have the presence of people around him. This dog has a lot of energy, is a bit rambunctious and loves to play with the children.

The Dalmatian is a dog more suited to an experienced owner, as it requires a gentle, yet firm upbringing as it is known to be stubborn at times.

The Dalmatian is a very observant dog and will alert the neighborhood at a strange noise. However, he is not a true watchdog, as he will be friendly to almost everyone.


This Dalmatian requires only occasional brushing. Easy, but keep in mind that this breed sheds year-round. Its drooping ears increase the risk of infection, so regular cleaning is the message.

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