The Bichon frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon frisé is a charming dog with a nice appearance. This animal has already put a smile on the face of many an owner. The dog is enthusiastic and does well in a family. In addition, they are also fond of children. Although the dogs are not that big in size, they are brave. When unwanted visitors come at night, they will surely notice and raise the alarm.

Many purebred dogs were bred for a specific purpose. Some dogs were bred for hunting. Other dogs were bred to guard the yard. Still other dogs were bred to drive cattle. The Bichon frisé did not have a direct job to do. It has traditionally been a companion dog. He was particularly popular with the Spanish and French nobility. Later, the dogs found their way into various royal palaces. Especially at the court of King Henry VIII, the Bichon was popular.

The Bichon frisé is truly an everybody's friend. With his funny appearance and cheerful character he wins many people around his finger. He can show some watchful traits, for example by barking when he sees strangers, but aggression is not in the animal. The dog gets along well with strangers, but it may be that he first has to get used to them.

It is tempting to comfort this dog immediately when he is scared or sad. However, that is not always a wise decision. Of course, no one wants to see a dog sad and certainly not this endearing breed. However, it is wise to first consider whether there is a good reason why the animal is scared or sad. If there is not, it is better to teach the dog that nothing is wrong. Comforting the dog will only confirm its belief that it is right to be afraid.

The Bichon frisé has a beautiful appearance. Yet this dog does not have to have it all from his appearance. The animal is also quite intelligent. He loves it when you try to teach him new things. As in the further training, however, it is important that you educate the animal in a friendly manner. A hard training will not achieve anything and will be counterproductive. In addition, as always, it is important to be consistent. Finally, it is wise to socialize a puppy as much as possible. This can reduce barking at strangers later in life.

Characteristics Bichon Frise

Specifications Bichon Frise

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