The bolognese


The Bolognese is a nice companion dog with Italian roots. The animal is very attached to his boss, has a happy disposition and has enough energy to play. The animal is friendly, gives a lot of love to his boss(es), but expects something in return. He expects his owners to be home regularly and to pay attention to him. This dog is not very good at being alone.

The Bolognese has a long history. Probably this breed existed as early as about the 11th or 12th century. Its beauty and endearment soon brought it within the walls of castles and palaces. The animal was popular with the nobility and was not even used as a gift. This also says something about the value that this beautiful dog had at that time. When the power of the nobility in Europe began to decline, you saw the Bolognese less and less. It even came to the point that the animal almost became extinct. A certain Gian Franco Giannelli played an important role in preserving this breed.

The Bolognese is a sociable animal. He has a cheerful character and is reasonably good with children, strangers and other dogs. The animal is a real friend of everyone. It is important that he has people around him. If the animal is alone for too long, he becomes depressed.

The Bolognese does not require much training, besides the usual socialization and obedience training. However, it is important to pay close attention to the so-called "small dog syndrome". This means that the dog will show behavior, especially when he is alone, that you absolutely do not want from a large dog would allow. Because it is a small dog, the animal often gets away with it. When you give in to this, the behavior will only get worse.

Characteristics Bolognese

Specifications Bolognese

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