De coton de tulear

Coton de Tuléar

The Coton de tuléar is a dog with a very soft coat. It is said that the coat of this dog is as soft as cotton. That is what his name refers to. The Coton de tuléar is a nice companion dog. The dog has a great capacity for empathy. Therefore the dog is also used as a therapy dog.

This breed of dog has its origins in Madagascar, where it was once the dog of the rich. Madagascar was a French colony in the past, which is how the animal got its French name. The Coton de tuléar was truly a dog for the nobles of the island. The ordinary citizen was literally not allowed to own the dog, it was forbidden. We know very little about the ancestors of this breed. The story goes that a ship sank off the coast of Madagascar. A pack of Coton de tuléars is said to have survived and swam to the coast of Madagascar. Whether this story is true, we do not know for sure. However, it could be true because small dogs were often present on merchant ships as merchandise. It was ultimately (French) tourists who introduced this dog to Europe.

Cotons have a fairly easy character. They find basically everything okay, as long as they are with their owner. The latter is very important. They do not like to be left alone. They are sociable animals and belong in a family. For example, they like to lie on their boss' lap. However, when they can go on an adventure with their boss, they like to be there.

For most small dogs, they need to be raised in a positive manner. This also applies to the Coton. By nature, they are quite watchful and very focused on guarding their territory. It is therefore wise to socialize the puppy well at a young age and teach him obedience. However, beware: the Coton de tuléar is easily distracted. Therefore, make sure you keep training sessions lively and refreshing.

Characteristics Coton de Tuléar

Specifications Coton de Tuléar

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