The Schipperke


Because of its mischievous nature, the Schipperke is also called the "little black devil." It is very questionable whether this nickname does justice to this sociable dog. However, it is true that the dog has a firm character and can be quite stubborn. That is not the only thing that can be said about this dog. They are also very loyal to their acquaintances, very active and very curious. Towards strangers they can be quite suspicious.

It will not surprise anyone that the Schipperke has a Dutch origin. At least, that was the case when the Schipperke was bred and the Netherlands and Belgium were still one country. The animal was bred to be active on ships. Their main task was to sound the alarm when evil men came to steal ship's cargo. The dog was also used to signal thieves in stores.

The Schipperke falls into the category of sheepdogs. This is not only reflected in its appearance. Although the animal is small in size, he behaves like a real sheepdog. He is very focused on his owner and his family members. The dog has a lot of energy and likes to be outside. Of course, like other dogs, he needs plenty of attention and love. However, it is not a one-way street with this dog. The attention and love given to the Schipperke, the dog gives back twice.

The dog is therefore a real family dog. He is good with children and gets along reasonably well with other animals. The Schipperke does have the tendency to protect his family. For example, when children quarrel, he will no doubt take sides with the child he knows.

The Schipperke is extremely curious. It is therefore important to teach the puppy early on that he cannot just run around and do whatever comes into his head. Training the dog is not always easy, the animal is namely quite independent. It is therefore important to teach the Schipperke obedience from an early age.

Characteristics Schipperke

Specifications Schipperke

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